Beautiful House on Sale

Description of the Property:


Beautiful 2 and half talla (2.5) storey house on cheap price.

House is built on land area of 0-3-1-0 Aana.

Rooms- 11 rooms

Specialities-Attractive house design

                    -Well built interior and exterior

                      - Wide room space

                    - Parking space

                     -Friendly enviornment and community


  Water Yes
  Electricity Yes

 Internect Accessibility

  Parking Yes


  Duration Not known


The price of house is relatively cheap and house is built on very good landscape.

Design of the house is well structured and engineered.The location of the house is very beneficial as it lies within a walking distance of hospital,shopping mall.Area of the house is wide and enough space for gardening,parking etc.


: Budanilkantha, Bhangal

                       Near Karuna Hospital


Price-NPR.1 crore 60 lakh(NPR.1,60,00,000)



 If you are interested on this property please do contact us 

              Contact: 9841935603